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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bath Time!

Crazy, right? Yes, that is really what our water looks like. I took a bath for the first time in our new apt last night. It was really difficult to climb into water that looked like that. I could barely see my feet at the bottom.

Bethel water has a TON of iron in it. The water supply comes from an aquifer in the ground. It is drawn up like a well. The city cleans and chemically treats its water before it gets distributed out to the residents. There are only a few places in town that have their own private wells. Our apt building is one of them. So, our water comes from the same source as all of the rest of the city water, but it is not cleaned or filtered or treated before coming out of my faucets. It comes through with all of the iron still in it. I can taste the metal in the water when I'm taking a shower every morning.

I have done some research about iron in water. It is not dangerous, in fact, you need iron in your diet for your health. I do use a Brita pitcher to filter our drinking water, but it is still pretty yellow even after going through the filter. Most places just take out the iron for aesthetic reason, not health reasons. I dont know what's worse, ugly water or chemically treated water? I could probably argue it either way, but for now we are going to have to put up with ugly water. I remember when we first moved in to this place. Every time I went into the bathroom, I would flush the toilet and yell at Avery for going pee and not flushing. It took about a day before I realized that the water is just YELLOW.

The iron in the water has already started staining our white clothes. And I'm pretty sure it is going to change the color of our hair. After living here for only a year AND being on city water, my stylist in Ohio asked me if we had alot of iron in our water. Now that we have THIS much iron in our water, the next time you see me, I'll probably be a red head. :)

My mother will be here in a few days and she is a regular bath taker. I cant wait to see the look on her face when she draws her first Bethel bath.


KuskoMama said...

oh... my... goodness. Is this city (as in piped) water?!?! We are on hauled water, and I thought it looked a little yellowish the other day but it was NOTHING like this.

I know it's all aesthetic... oh my. I remember my husband describing this before we moved out to Bethel - happened to him in one of the hotels (said the sink was stained that way).

KuskoMama said...

oh - never mind - I reread your post and see it comes from a well. Still - yikes.

Anonymous said...

So if there was any chance I was ever going to come to bethal before well it just went right out the window!!!Thats so wierd, I dont know if I could do it. Even though its clean I would have a hard time thinking that. Alyssa and Nathan would love it...they would never get yelled at to flush the toilet!! Hope you have a great football Sunday!!


Anonymous said...

Could make for a shorter visit????



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nasty! I thought Wisconsin had nasty water! I wouldn't be taking to many of those!! love The Mensch's