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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Alot of snow and drifts galore!

A few days ago we had some unbelievable winds that kicked up all the snow that was out on the tundra and dropped some new snow on us as well. I think just about all of it ended up in MY driveway! That's an exaggeration, of course, but it sure did seem that way, when I came home from work to a drive way with a drift as tall as me and as wide as the driveway. Our front stairs were more like a slide. Avery carved them back into stairs just this morning.The worst part of having a drift that size in your drive is that the water truck will not deliver your water if they cant get in. So, my wonderful and helpful landlord came over with his truck to plow it for us, but the drift would not budge. He then brought over the heavier machinery to move the snow. He had to use a front loader to move the snow.
So, we now have piles of snow at each end of the driveway. The piles in the front are almost as tall as Avery and the piles in the back are taller!
It is nice to have a clean driveway. And the water was delivered bright and early this morning. There is a nice little barricade around the house now so Taboo cant run off except in one direction, which is nice! It was cold and sunny today and the days are getting longer. It is still sunny until after 6pm.

I've been cooking all day to get ready for my ThanksSuperBowl Party tomorrow. Should be a good time. I'll be rooting for the Cardinals! Maybe we can have upsets two years in a row!


Kassia said...

Wow, I guess I should stop complaining about all the snow we've been getting here now that I see what you're up against!

BTW, I have a question for you. The other day my dad asked me how many gallons of water u get delivered to you and how often. I know u wrote it in your blog last year, what is it now?

Thanks! Miss u lots!

alisha said...

We get 1000 gallons every other week. We have a 1000 gallons tank. Last year, we got 500 gallons every week because we only had a 500 gallon tank. Even though we get the same amount of water, it is cheaper this year because they have to deliver less often.