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Friday, January 16, 2009

This is getting ridiculous...

I woke up to my phone ringing at 6am this morning. School is cancelled again. I am so sick of this. We are supposed to leave on the afternoon flight today for the Robotics Tournament. None of the flights have made it out of Bethel in the last few days. The last flight that made it out was on Tuesday! I also got a call from the robotics coordinator last night. He is already in Anchorage and said that many flights arent making it in to Anchorage because they are having wind gusts up 100 miles per hour! We are probably not going to make it in to the competition in Anchorage. Bummer! We may still get to compete over the two way video system but that certainly is not even close to the same as being there. Not to mention that we had planned on doing some fun stuff while we were in Anchorage, like going to the water park and bowling. And I was going to do some shopping to pick up some supplies that would last up through the rest of the year. This was kind of my last chance to make it in before the end of the school year. It is so much more expensive to buy everything here...such a bummer. Maybe the competition in Anchorage will get postponed as well. That's what I'm hoping for at this point because the likelyhood of a plane flying out of here today is slim to NONE. On the upside, I may get to see the K300 after all, which is exciting. I may even get my chance to volunteer like I wanted to. I also wont have to worry about having someone come in and watch the house and dog for a couple days. I will also get more time to do some planning for what I'm teaching in my classes.

yep...the morning flight has already been cancelled. :(

In other news...
I fell down the stairs when I was leaving school last night and my back really hurts this morning. I'm going to have a pretty major bruise, I can feel it coming on. The corner of the stair hit the bottom of my back and then scraped its way about halfway up my back. It really hurt and knocked the wind out of me too.

My field trip went pretty well, but I forgot to take pictures except at the pizza place, so I'm not going to write up a separate post about it. At the power plant tour, we got to see the 6 huge 16 cylinder diesel engines that generate the cities power. We learned alot about how the power plant runs. It was very interesting. At the water treatment center, we got to see (and smell) the water as it went through its various stages of purification. The water that we use comes out of an aquifer that is 600 feet under the city. It is extremely full of iron and other minerals that must be taken out of the water. We had lunch at the pizza buffet, which of course is always the kids' favorite part of the field trip. After lunch, we hung out at the culture center's library for a while before going over to the university campus for a scavenger hunt. They got to learn about what kind of degree programs are offered by the college and what they should do to start preparing for college. Then we were supposed to go for a presentation about the hovercraft, but when we got there, the Discovery Channel was there filming a documentary about the hovercraft. They wouldnt let us go anywhere near the hovercraft while it was out, so we ended up just going and getting some hot chocolate and play Uno for a little while before heading back to school. I think the kids had a good time. I know that last year's field trips were a bit better than this one, so I will probably look at doing those things again for our trip next year.
We watched Dont Mess with the Zohan the other night and IT SUCKED! Do not waste your time on this movie. I usually enjoy Adam Sandler films, but this one was terrible!

I just checked the K300 website. The races are delayed as well with no new start times yet.

What else? I'm going to go back to bed for a little while and see what happens with the flights and robotics. I hope the weather doesnt suck as bad where you are!

1 comment:

Mr. Kale Iverson said...

it does suck out here too.

the sand man is Bill Beiriger

you can contact him at xyzzx@xyzzx.com and he'll gladly trade sand with you, he's a fanatic about the stuff.

sorry about robotics, thats lame, I won't be in for a while but if you guys got skype I could show Avery stuff on the uke over that.

Miss you guys,