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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A friend recommended it!

Avery told me when he started reading this book that his friend recommended it to him and that's why he was reading it. He has been totally into it for about a week now and last night, I had to peel it out of his grip and turn out his light because he fell asleep reading it. Then, when he woke up as I was taking the book, he insisted that he wanted to finish it and I had to (easily) convince him that the ending would still be there in the morning. This morning when I got out of the shower, he was sitting on the couch reading it. I'M SO PROUD OF HIM! He used to hate reading and now he loves it. The other night, he even called the library asking about a book because he knew he would be done with this one soon and wanted to have another one lined up. He's so awesome! I just think it's so funny that he is getting book recommendation from his friends. How much faster could he possibly be turning into a young adult?
Taboo had a nice bath the other night and then Avery asked if he could sleep with him. Taboo really loves the attention and Avery treats Taboo much more like the old dog that he is lately. This weekend while I was in Anchorage, I let Avery take the snowmachine over to his buddies house with him. He actually dropped ME off at the airport! Him and his buddies rode the machine all weekend. As a result, it is missing its windshield now. They got it stuck in some deep snow and had to turn it on its top to get it unstuck. I guess it's fixable, but I dont know. I was trying to give him some extra opportunities to ride the snowmachine so that he could get good at it, but this weekend he took advantage of it and road it out around the main part of town. So, I'm a bit dissappointed about that, but glad that he is getting a chance to ride it.
Another thing that Avery is getting really good at is cooking. Last night, he actually asked if he could cook dinner. He made grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. He burnt the first set of sandwiches, but the second set turned out good. Awhile back, he wanted to bake a cake, but we didnt have any frosting so I told him to make some from scratch out of cream cheese, powdered sugar, butter, and vanilla. He used granulated sugar and it turned out funny, but tasted good. It was weird and different, but good, and he learned the difference between powdered sugar and granulated sugar. He is turning out to be quite the little chef.

I bought him a new coat while I was in Anchorage and he was very happy and grateful for it, which was nice! He is doing great in school, all A's and B's on his semester report card. He is getting pretty good on his sax. He joined the junior high paper for his friday club (on my insistence that he join some sort of academic activity). He is really trust worthy and honest> He is responsible and manages his money well. He knows how to cook and clean. He has a great sense of humor and likes to have fun. He is just really shaping up to be a great kid...oh, excuse me....teenager!

Well, I have to go pick him up from Boy Scouts now....it's 32 degrees outside. Nice and warm!

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