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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Out for a ride

This sign was posted recently in Bethel in an effort to give the snowmachines a path across our one and only "highway". The Chief Eddie Hoffman Highway is a five mile stretch of paved road that connects the center of town to the airport. So, now I have a snowmachine crossing sign to add to my moose crossing sign and my dog team crossing sign.

So, Avery and I took the snowmachine out for a ride on Sunday. We rode it to church, then to get some oil and gas in it, get the brakes fixed, and to the post office. We had a good time.
Here is Avery driving out on the river. He only almost ran us into a cab once. Good thing I got that brake fixed!

For some reason there were a couple planes tied down on the river, this is one of them. I dont know why they're there, but it was kinda cool. I wanted to ride the snowmachine to school yesterday morning, but Avery wasnt feeling well and wasnt up for it. He had a fever and stomach ache the night before. I was fearing that maybe he had caught the flu, but he was fine in the morning.

In other news...It is getting lighter...noticeably. We are up to 7hours 28minutes of daylight and 9hours9minutes of visible light. It really makes a difference, especially in the evening. I went to the post office after school last night at around 5:30 and it was still light when I got home. It was great! We are gain 5 minutes 4 seconds a day now! The temps are back down in the freezing range, but still above zero which makes it nice. Right now it is 10above.

I think I'm in my winter funk...all I want to do is sleep and all I want to wear anymore is jeans.

I'm cooking a big Thanksgiving dinner and having some people over for the Superbowl on Sunday. It should be fun! I'm calling it ThankSuperbowl!

Today is Crystal and Andy Mensch's anniversary. Crystal has been my friend since I was about 12 years old. They have been married 9 years! WOW! Congratulations!

You know what looks really silly...when people wear socks with sandals. I dont get it...why would someone do such a thing? I just had to throw that out there. Any thoughts?

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Mr. Kale Iverson said...

what about Spanks-thuper bowl?