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Friday, January 09, 2009

It was bound to happen

My car wouldnt start after work today. The plugin cord got blown off by the wind and my truck sat all day without being plugged in. It was bound to happen! Hopefully it will start tomorrow after being pluggin in all night at school. Everything is just that much harder when it's this cold. I know you all must be sick of hearing about the cold, but that's really all that is going on these days.

My robotics team started back up with practice today, but I ended up sending several of the team members home early because they were just goofing off. With travel coming up next week for the state competition, I am really in a tough spot with a couple of these kids who dont pull there weight on the team. I really cant validate spending school money to bring a kid to Anchorage for the state tournament that doesnt help the team. What do you guys think? Does being on the team all year give you an automatic pass to travel to state with the team? Would it be wrong of me to tell a kid they cant come after spending the whole year with the team? I'm trying to work out this dilemma.

Our New Year's resolution is going well so far. If you dont remember, it was to FLOSS. Both Avery and I have been flossing at night.

I am really bummed that I am going to miss the K300 dog race this year. It is on the same weekend that the state robotics tournament is on. I was really looking forward to being involved with the race this year by volunteering, but NO!!!!!!!!

I'm taking some of my HS kids out on a field trip on Monday. We have a full agenda planned and it should be a great experience for the kids. I'll post pics after the trip. It seems like things never get any less busy. I always think to myself....everything will calm down after ________ is over and then I'll have time for __________. But it never works that way. After robotics is over, I still have some lessons with the Boy Scouts to finish up. I have a sleep over at the school with some of the 8th graders to plan. I still have to work on all the stuff for the class that I'm taking. I need to take a Praxis test if I want to remain certified to teach in the state of Alaska. I have to buy supplies, prepare, plan, and cook for a ThanksSuperbowl party. I need to find a place to get a job this summer! And I need to do all of this stuff in the next month or so! Geez! It's never ending!

Ok...it's past my bedtime, I should really get some sleep!


Kassia said...


I really think you are spreading yourself too thin. I know you want to get involved with as many things as you can in order to make your Alaskan experience meaningful. However, if you are so busy that you can't enjoy your current activity or are always thinking about what is "next" on your list, it kinda just cancels it all out, doesn't it? Plus, you will make yourself sick with the stress of keeping up with all of these activities, travels, the cold weather, an unreliable vehicle, plus raising a child. If I were you, I would cut out some of the optional things, such as the sleepover and lessen time with the Boy Scouts.
As for the Robotics Team, it's kinda late to not let them go to state I think, if it's next week. Maybe you should send a note to their parents regarding the behavior issues telling them the student is in danger of losing his spot on the team due to disciplinary issues. And then that's the last chance, if they act up again, BYEBYE. That way you can at least cover your ass...just a thought, I'm not in the education field so I don't know how you usually handle these things and it's nothing u don't already know.
Ok, I think that's all I got for now. Have a great weekend!!! Love ya lots!

alisha said...

Geez...someone was on a roll this morning! Wasnt I surprised when I opened my email this morning! You are right though. Taking on all of these things is how I usually end up sick. Unfortunately, none of the things are really optional anymore. I signed up for Boy Scouts like a year ago and have been working with the boys on their environmental science badge ever since. We are 90% done with the badge and I cant just quit on them now. The sleepover is a reward for my kids who were on a winning team in my classroom incentive program, as is the field trip I'm taking with my high school kids on Monday. It is their reward for having good behavior and participation all semester. I've already sent out the parent letters...no going back now. Your advice is helpful and I thank you. You may not be in education, but anyone who can spell the word disciplinary better than me is a winner in my book(i couldnt figure out how to spell it yesterday! I think I was just tired.)

Thanks Kas!
Besos, Lisa