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Monday, January 19, 2009

I gave myself whiplash

All weekend long my neck was sore and stiff and I couldnt figure out why. Yesterday and today, my back aches. When I got home last night and was putting away my snowmachine helmet, I realized why...I gave myself whiplash. Remember when I said I had fallen on the ice on Friday and cracked my head on the ground, but was lucky because I was still wearing my helmet? Well, my helmet is seriously broken and with all of the sore and stiff muscles in my neck and back, whiplash seems like a logical conclusion. I never thought my helmet would save me from walking, but I'm sure glad it did.

The K300 dog sled race is in full swing after many days of delays. The mushers left Bethel on Sunday afternoon and are due back sometime in the morning. We should probably have a winner by the time I wake up. The musher's banquet and awards are tomorrow night...maybe we'll go check that out. It doesnt seem like we've spent much time out around town this year. I think robotics kept me more busy than usual. I am happy to have my evenings to myself again, even if most of them will be spent working on stuff for my college class. Speaking of which...I need to sign up (and pay the outrageous fee) to take my Praxis test.

Well, I am reeeeeaaaaaalllllllly sleepy tonight after our busy robotics weekend and am going to head to bed early. Good night!

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