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Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm an arenophile

As promised, here is my sand collection in its completion. I keep it on a shelf at school so that the kids can look at them. I am generally so NOT a collector. I really dont get the urge to collect anything. Keeping these jars of sand are my exception. I can keep them at school rather than home, so that makes a difference. I dont think I would collect them if I had to keep them at home. They all have very specific memories, so that makes collecting them more meaningful as well. It really is very interesting how different each sand sample is.

In other news...we're up to 5 ABOVE zero today! It was so warm, it was crazy! It started to snow though and the sky is all overcast now! If we want sunny days, we have to tolerate the cold. We're supposed to get about 4 inches tonight. And the drifts are crazy big already! We get a drift right in front that basically turns our stairs into a slide.

Tomorrow is my field trip with my Biology kids. We're taking a tour of the power plant and the water treatment facility. Then we'll go to a pizza buffet for lunch. After that, we'll go for a presentation at UAF Bethel and then a presentation at the hovercraft place. It should be fun!


AKFooFighter said...

Good morning, Alisha - I'm interested in profiling the people behind Y-K Delta area blogs in the Tundra Drums.

Please contact me @ 800.770.9830 ext. 480.


- Matt Nevala
Alaska Newspapers Inc./The Tundra Drums

kassia said...

Ok I see it now, the Alicante sand. Can't see what places the sands are from underneath that top row, though.