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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some are larger than others

When I got into my truck after school today, I noticed a small little snow drift that had found its way into my back seat. I looked all around to figured out how this little drift had maneuvered its way in and finally I found that the window was open just a tiny little quarter of an inch. Of course, the window is frozen, so I cant roll it up.

The snow has drifted so gracefully around to the front of the house that it has literally turned our front stairs into a slide. Avery used a shovel to carve out a little path when he got home from school, but it is still fairly treacherous.

This 6 foot drift has taken up permanent residence outside the back door. Just for scale...the refrigerator is sitting on the back deck, which is at least two feet of the ground (dont ask why there's a refrigerator on the back deck...that's just where it landed after the landlord bought a new one for in the house). My only hope is that the water delivery guys will be happy enough with that little path beside the drift. My sewer pipe is just to the left in this picture and my water pipe is just behind me in this picture. They get a bit picky about things when it's this cold and dark out. We'll see what happens on Saturday. I sure hope they deliver our water because we are down to only about 200 gallons and it's only Tues. By Saturday, we will be out for sure!
Here is Avery and his friend standing on top of the big drift behind the house. They were outside playing in it this weekend. Notice how cool the moon looks in the background. This picture is being taken about 4 pm. That's about 45 minutes before sun set. I'm facing NE, so the sun is actually setting right behind me.
Here they are with the snow cave that they built. The actual cave part is dug about 3 feet above the ground, so you can imagine how large this drift outside our back door is. Being out on the edge of the tundra is nice in someways, but snow drifts is not one of them. Or maybe if you're a 13 year old boy with a friend over for the weekend, it is.
Also...we're experiencing a heat wave. It's POSITIVE 16 right now and feels amazingly warm. Of course, with the rising temps brings snow and we are also currently under a blizzard watch until noon tomorrow. It is supposed to get all the way up into the 40's by thursday. We are already up to over 8 hours of visible light and gaining almost 4 minutes a day! It is forecast to be equally as warm while I'm in Anchorage this weekend with robotics. I like the warmth and I like the snow and I like not having to plug my truck in.

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