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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Cheek for Breakfast

I went to the dentist this morning and got my crown put on. They numbed up the right side of my face pretty good to put the crown on (I'm so happy it's over). Then they also numbed up my left side a little bit for a filling (I totally understand why people dont like the dentist). So, everything went well(as well as it can when there's a dentist with a drill in his hand) and I was out of their by 10:45am. The last half hour or so sitting in the chair, my stomach was growling so when I got back, I woke Avery up and we went to breakfast. Two problems with this...1:I wasnt supposed to chew on the left side for 24 hours because of the new filling. 2: I couldnt feel my right side AT ALL! So I ate my breakfast and it was really weird and kinda like work because I had to check before eat bite to see if the last bite was actually gone and not just stuck in my cheek somewhere.

So, a couple hours later, the numbness wears off and the inside of my right cheek hurts...turns out I chewed up the inside of my cheek pretty good when I was trying to eat breakfast. OUCH! It still hurts! So, learn from me and eat breakfast before you go get all numbed up at the dentist. :)

In other news...
Avery's dentist appt when very well. He was complimented on how nice his teeth are and doesnt have any cavities. His weird warty thing turned out to be, well....a weird warty thing. Doctor said it is similiar to a wart, but caused by a different virus and will clear up on its own. He said that a white pearl will come out of it! I told you it was weird. Because it is right under his belly button, we've been calling it his second belly button. He's trying to grow an outty.

It read -23 on my trucks temp gage when we drove hoome from the airport. Thankfully, the guy who was house sitting for me got my truck running and picked us up from the airport. Very nice! Unfortunately, I came to frozen pipes. Fortunately, after running some hot water through the pipes that were open, the frozen ones thawed out. YAY!

As I was unpacking tonight, I realized I just have to pack again in 9 days. Next weekend, I am going with the robotics team to Anchorage for the state competition. It should be fun, but I wish it wasnt so soon. I feel like my life is planned from one trip to another these days.

The best part of being home? Taboo! We have really been missing him alot these last few days. Sounds like the house/dog sitter took really good care of him. I think they may have even spoiled him some. One of the guys' buddies was saying that he shared some steak with Taboo. I think he's happy to have us home too!

So, after two dentist appts today, Avery and I both have a New Year's Resolution. Want to know what it is?


1 comment:

Vicki said...

I cringed through your whole dentist story! I hate dentists with a sincere passion. I didn't realize the robotics teams were leaving so soon for Anchorage. Best of luck to you guys-hope to read some updates on your blog while you're there.

By the way, as far as the robotics pizzas were concerned, I really hadn't thought much of them and I guess I hadn't assumed it was any special treatment of the Bethel kids on the DO's behalf or anything. After all-I pampered my team with delivery food and snacks and such too. I guess I just felt for the village kids, after they'd seen a table full of pizzas, and then their coaches came walking through the gym at them with a boxes of sack lunches.

It's totally fair, though. Your teams worked hard for the pizzas, as well as all the other components of robotics! They deserved the treat. Sorry if I misrepresented the situation on my blog-I'll try to correct it.