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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Cold Snap, for real!

We get to go back to Bethel tomorrow after a couple of dentist appts to some pretty seriously cold temps. I found out yesterday that my truck wont start because the battery is dead. YAY! At least we've got some groceries to take back with us so we dont have to pay ridiculous Bethel prices.

The whole state is under some pretty intense temps. Fairbanks is all the way down to -45 ambient. Some other places around the state are below -50. Pretty crazy stuff! Notice the difference in the windchill temps between Anchorage and Bethel. Anchorage is surrounded by mountains so they dont get very much wind. I hope it's warmer where ever you are!

Bethel, Alaska (Airport)
Updated: 40 min 51 sec ago
-17 °F
Windchill: -35 °F

Anchorage, Alaska (PWS)
Updated: 0 sec ago
-9.5 °F
Windchill: -10 °F

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

High of 82, low of 57 today in my part of Florida. Ketchikan has also had an unusually heavy amount of snow but no where near as cold as Bethel. K-town is still in the 30s and 20s.

Loved all your Hawaii pics and blogs. Maybe your next outpost will be in a warmer place????

Happy New Year! Keep warm....