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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Sudanese dancers

Here are the Sudanese dancers from Anchorage. Yes, you read it right...from Anchorage!

I was very disappointed with this dance group. I think the Maori dancers from last year were just so amazing that I was expecting something equally as good with this group. This was when they came out for a "preview" dance and didnt have on costumes or anything. I actually thought that this dance was better than what they did for their official dance later on. Later, when they came out to dance during their appointed time, the women had on colorful costumes, but the men still did not. We came to find out later that it was because some of their baggage was lost during the flight. Thanks, Mt. Redoubt! They basically just stood in a circle and booty shaked it to some techno dance music. It was really awful. At least this preview dance was a little better.

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