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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sunshine! Gorgeous Sunshine!

Spring fever is in the air. The kids are restless, the teachers are restless, I'm restless, Avery's restless, even Taboo is restless. Everybody just wants to get outside and play. Avery and his friend walked to Subway for dinner last night because they wanted to get outside. The sun has been shining strong these last week or so, melting a bit of snow each day. The temps have been in the high 20's during the day for the last week, although it has still been getting down around zero at night. The sun melts the snow each day and cold cold refreezes everything at night.
BUT....we did it! We reached temps above freezing for the last two days in a row. The sun is shining about 17 hours each day now...and shining bright too! The sun is shining shortly after 6am now and after 11pm. It sure makes it hard to get to sleep at night with the sun shining until 11 o'clock at night. I do believe spring is here to stay. The big piles of snow are really starting to show decline. The meltwater is carving out little streams through the dirt roads and filling up all the ditches and low lying areas. There are large ponds of water forming all over Bethel. The tundra, however, is still pretty much covered with snow, although it is starting to thin out. The sun shining off of all of that snow, makes things particularly bright.
The helmets up on the lockers have been a pretty regular scene these last few months, but they are becoming few and far between these days too. It is an interesting sight to see helmets up on lockers...where else do kids ride their snowmachines to school in the morning?

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