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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

7 new videos


I'm sitting here proctoring the state exams for 7th graders and there is not much I can do that will not disrupt them while they are testing, so I thought I'd upload some of the video that I took at the Cama-i festival. Below, there are 7 new videos with commentary. I hope that you enjoy them. I know that the video will make the blog slow in loading, but be patient and check some of them out because they are totally worth watching.

What else is new? Not much. Just trying to get through the rest of the school year. Summer seems to be right around the corner, even though there really is no true sign of spring yet. It has gotten above freezing a couple times these last few days. There has been alot of melt water out on the roads, but the tundra is still frozen solid with enough snow to last awhile. That's a good thing too because my truck still has not been fixed yet and I am still stuck riding the snow machine. I am beginning to worry that the truck will not be fixed by the time the snow on the tundra starts melting. I hope that doesnt happen. Although spring is not physically present, it still FEELS like spring. The days are significantly longer. The sun is up before I leave the house in the mornings now and still up when Avery goes to bed at 10pm. I even opened the windows some this weekend because it was warm enough (30 above) to let a small breeze through. I have turned the thermostat down to 62 and I still had to open my window a crack in the middle of the night last night because it was so hot.

I had a couple friends in from one of the villages this weekend and we made a big Mexican dinner and sat around with a box of wine. It was a really good time. It is so nice to have friends over when there really is not much else to do.

Avery and his Boy Scout troop went on a 5 mile hike this weekend and he spent some time spending the night with a couple of his friends. When he got home from his hike, his cheeks were red from the sun even though it was only about 5 degrees outside. This Wednesday is the last Boy Scouts meeting that I have to teach for awhile. The boys are going to be finishing their Environmental Science merit badge. I sure will be happy to be finished with that and have a bit more free time. I made a huge batch of rice crispy treats to give them tomorrow.

Avery is also in NYO (native youth olympics) now, so he is at the school for practice everyday from 4-6. He didnt want to be in it, but I made him try it and now he loves it. And it gives him something to do and gets him involved with something related to the native culture and gives him an opportunity to meet new friends. I'm glad he enjoys it!

I still havent worked on that college class at all. Less than two months now to get it done. I will just need to sit down one of these weekends and bust it out or do a couple lessons each week and get it done.

7weeks exactly until we fly outta here for the summer. Yesterday, I submitted my first application for summer work in LasVegas. My resume is all updated and ready to go. I need to start spending some serious time looking for a job (or two). Hopefully, I will be able to find something. I have things all lined up for a place to stay and a car to drive courtesy of my cousin. I think one of my friends is going to pick me up from the airport, but I havent talked to her lately. I am also hoping to plan a road trip with one of my friends to drive out to Texas to see a friend of ours from childhood. Maybe a road trip in my future? I still havent told my best friend that I'm coming. Her birthday is the day after I get there and I want to do something to surprise her, but I'm not sure what yet. I have some ideas...

I havent cooked up that fish yet, so I dont know how it tastes. I was thinking about doing that tonight maybe. I dont have any batter or anything to cook them up with. Anybody have any suggestions for pike? Maybe just bake them with some lemon pepper? I dont know, we'll see. I'll concoct something.

Well, I think that's it for now! Enjoy those videos!

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Teresa said...

thank you for sharing your AK adventure. I love the blog and the videos. I am a follower.....