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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring? Maybe.

Spring. It may or may not be here in the Kuskokwim delta. It is warm enough during the day that the snow is starting to melt, but cold enough at night that it all freezes up again. The roads are turning to slush and the potholes are becoming a problem. It is a real pain to drive around the roads when they start to get like this (for those people lucky enough to have a vehicle that drives at all). During the meltdown/breakup, the dirt roads often get little streams carved out in them by the meltwater. Last night, Avery had a friend over and they came and asked if they could go outside to play "bottle top races". They explained that this was when you get a pop bottle top or some similar object that floats and you put it in one of those little streams for a race. They went outside in there sweatshirts and were out for at least a good hour. It was about 30 degrees (warm) and the sun was still up (9pm).

Sometimes whole, small sections of the roads will wash away with the meltwater. Like the little section of this road that has been blocked off with street cones.

Our neighborhood, however, is somewhat of a different story. Out here on the very edge of the tundra where the wind blows all of the snow in off the flat, vast land; we still have plenty of snow. Not much melting happening here yet. This evening, we are down to -1 degree/-19 windchill with 20mph winds and gusts up to 30mph. More snow is blowing in from the tundra as I write this. In there morning, we will probably have more drifts covering our front stairs and who knows where else.
The drift in the back of the house is almost up to the roof of the house. Remember that the house is already about 4 feet off the ground to begin with. The biggest problem with this drift is that it blocks our water and sewage pipes from the delivery guys. So, Avery had to go out and dig a path through it so that we could get water today. He is really a huge help with those kinds of things. The huge mound of snow is actually really cool looking lately. It is starting to take on that blue hue that glaciers get when the snow is compacted and the sunlight reflects off of it. I would be willing to bet that that pile of snow will still be there when we leave on May 26th.

We have some serious sunlight going on these days. The sun is now up well before I wake up in the morning and still shining bright well past 10pm. I love the long days!
Actual Time 7:34 AM AKDT 10:00 PM AKDT
Civil Twilight 6:47 AM AKDT 10:47 PM AKDT
Nautical Twilight 5:45 AM AKDT 11:50 PM AKDT
Astronomical Twilight 4:18 AM AKDT 1:20 AM AKDT
Moon 2:24 AM AKDT 7:23 AM AKDT
Length Of Visible Light: 16h 00m
Length of Day
14h 26m
Tomorrow will be 5m 38s longer.

6weeks of school left, only 5 of which are actually weeks of teaching with finals weeks being the last week. Things start to get real busy at the end of the year....

Have done...
found storage unit for summer
got taboo's shots and travel forms from vet
all teacher inservices and make up snow days
all 2008 taxes
started organizing paperwork that needs to travel with me over summer
plane tickets purchased for summer
revised resume
arrangements for Taboo for summer
Taboo's flight reservation
started applying for summer jobs
made summer road trip plans with friend
arranged place to stay/car to drive for summer
started to use up pantry foods
signed contract for next school year
filed PFD application for next year
bought my Ice Classic tickets

Need to do...
finish college class
apply for Alaska certification for next year
order supplies for classroom for next year
attend graduation
chaperone JH promotion dance
plan out lessons for rest of the year
plan second semester field trip for HS winning team
plan second semester reward for JH winning team
write final exams
sign Avery up for next year's classes
help with music festival next weekend
some 2007 taxes for other people
plan birthday surprise for friend in vegas
find a place to park my truck for summer
find a place to park my snowmachine for summer
pack up and move
cancel phone, water, electricity, cable for summer
make dental/eye exam appts for Avery and I for summer

And these are just the things that I can think of right now!


Anonymous said...

I'm exhausted just reading your lists of to-do's ! Will you be renting the same house next year?

Have a Happy Easter and safe travel.

I might make a trip to Vegas this summer too. Maybe we can actually meet......


alisha said...

No, I will look for a different place to rent. I have no need for a three bedroom house. (remember, I had a roommate at the beginning of the year) I will look for something smaller and less expensive. It has been a struggle for me to pay the rent on this big place. also, with rent and utilities being close to $2000 per month, moving out for three months saves me almost $6000...well worth the hassle of moving.

Let me know if you are in vegas this summer and we could definitely do lunch or something!

Happy Easter to you too, Edna. It's always good to hear from you.

Kassia said...

Hey girl, looks like you got a lot on your plate, as always!
Just wanted to let u know I FINALLY finished the Alaska book by James Michener. One of the sub-stories is about a schoolteacher around our age from Utah going up to Desolation Point to teach in the bush, and all the differences she encountered in that respect. It was such a good book! I highly recommend it, as you already know.
Anyway girl take care, hope you had a happy Easter, and a always I miss you lots! Oh and I got your postcard from Denver, so pretty!
Love you!