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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Pippin is the story of a young prince who is trying to find his place in the world...trying to give his life meaning. It is a musical. It is full of life and energy. The characters were fantastically casted.The majority of the actors were BRHS students with a few BABS students mixed in. Pippin was tried education, he tried fighting in wars, he even tried being king, but nothing made him feel as if he was useful in the world.
The king was just a flighty goofball and the queen was something akin to an evil stepmother. The students played their parts to the tee...they were perfect, funny, and endearing.
They sang and they danced...they wore colorful wigs.
The play had a leader...she was kind of like the narrator. Her part is very serious in the beginning, but funny as heck at the end.
Even the audience got to sing one of the songs.
The costumes were perfect...simple, but to the point. Easy to change around, not fussy, but effective.
Pippin couldnt find his place in the world, UNTIL he met her. It's always a girl that helps a man find his way! :)
The set was also very simple, but effective. Last year's musical required too much set time and down time between scenes dragged on for way too long. They did the set switches flawlessly.
I seriously dont think these kids messed up one single time. They pulled it off! It was so good and so much fun. The singing was even accompanied with live music.
In the end, Pippin decided that being with the woman he loved living a simple life was a fine place to be.
I am so proud of these kids and how much work they put into this musical. Did I mention how good the play was? It was soooooo much fun!

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funky punk said...

This is a great write up! I too saw the play on Friday.

I'm going to add this link to my blog, if you don't mind. The one photo that I took was blurry. :-)

What kind of camera do you have?