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Friday, April 10, 2009

Funny...ha ha

The snowmachine broke down on the way to school this morning. I was cruising along at 40 miles per hour when it just stopping running. It went down to about 8mph and wouldnt go any faster. I hobbled it over to school going 8mph so that I wouldnt have to leave it out on the tundra. The shop kids looked at it for me today. It looked as though I have a piston that is falling apart. It will only run on one cylinder, which is not enough when it only has two to begin with. They've got it torn apart and are going to try to fix it, but it may not be fixable.

My truck still has not been fixed yet. It is still in the shop waiting for other jobs to get done first before they can get to it. It should get fixed this weekend. I'm so ready to have my truck back. I miss it.

No transportation. Unbelievable.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! How will you get around? Life on the tundra certainly has it's ups and downs. So sorry you are having these problems.

Have hope Alisha. Summer is almost here......


KuskoMama said...

bummer. Seriously. Which shop is your car at? There's one we avoid due to previous (REALLY bad) experiences... but they all seem to have no shortage of broken down Bethel Special cars.

I hope all gets fixed soon.