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Monday, September 08, 2008

A Gift

We went for a walk Saturday evening and saw the most amazing rainbow ever. It was bright and sunny to the west where the sun was on its way down and a storm was coming in to the east where the sky was black as night. It was quite an eerie sight, but in the midst of it all stood this amazing rainbow.It had the most intense, florescent color that I've ever seen on a rainbow and the most distinct spectrum of colors. It started out as a small barely there rainbow and gradually got brighter and more intense as the storm moved closer to Bethel.
By the time we went inside, the storm was close enough to be covering our shirts with little speckled droplets. I was in awe by this rainbow. I literally had to tear myself away and go in the house before the downpour began. I took at least a dozen more pictures, if not two dozen.
After about a half hour of working up to it, the rainbow finally stretched itself across the expanse of tundra that we call home. It ended up being a double rainbow on both sides. You can see the double rainbow in this picture of the left side.
Unfortunately, the rainbow was much too grand to capture in one photo, so I had to settle for a picture of the beginning, middle, and end. The pictures, of course, dont even come close to doing this rainbow justice.
Here is the other side with another double rainbow. Again, the picture only captures a fraction of the magnificence of this rainbow. I could only stare in awe, snap photos, and smile giddily as I watched this rainbow stretch over Bethel, Alaska. Just another example of the beauty of Bethel. I've never experienced a rainbow like this and can't even describe the feelings of joy it gave me. What a treat! What a gift!

Have a happy week!


Kassia said...

That rainbow looks like something from a movie, or like a fairy tale! I am so jealous I couldn't see it in person. I have never seen a "full rainbow", just one little half of an arc or so. Truly a gift of nature, like u said.
Oh Carlos said to say hi to "Frankie's/Mario's girl" hahahahaha

Reese-E said...

that is AWESOME!! i've never seen one that pretty and bright! i'm glad you took pictures!

(and your comment on my blog cracked me up! THAT TEAM. haha! so funny.)

Tamara said...

Simply amazing! :-)

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful, thanks for sharing.