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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dead ducks and bird guts

Alaska brings many opportunities for gross boy stuff. Avery went over to his friends house last weekend and as we walked up to the door there was his friend standing there with a still warm Mallard duck. He was just kinda floppin' it around back and forth in his hands. When I picked up Avery the next day, he was happy to show me the intestines of one of the three birds that he had helped pluck and gut. Needless to say, he was so disgustingly dirty that I made him soak in a bathtub when we got home
Avery is having such a great year already. It makes me happy to see him so happy. And what wonderful experiences and adventures he is having. He is loving school and excited to start wrestling. He is reading like almost two hours everyday BY CHOICE! He had a craving for something sweet to eat tonight and whipped up some chocolate chip oatmeal cookies all by himself. He is making new friends and just generally really good spirited this year. He has a new top notch BMX bike on the way and is super excited about it. We have a skate park here, so he cant wait to ride. We went to the doctor for his sports physical today and he is also healthy as can be. I'm really proud of him. I'm looking forward to a really great year!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear Avery's doing so well...It too makes me happy when he's happy...Please keep him safe...I love you both ! Mom

Big Ass Kass :) said...

That's awesome that Avery is doing so much better and he looks happy in the pics, too. I'm sure the new school has a lot to do with his improvement. Tell him I said wassup and give Taboo a pat for me.