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Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Unfortunately, I didnt shout it as that title might imply. I did go play at the invitation of Chandra and her Yup'ik grandmother-in-law, Cecelia. Here's Chandra showing off her brand new Kaspeq. For an explanation of what a kaspeq is and to see what my kaspeq looks like, you can read all the posts I've written about them here. Kathy...I know what you're thinking right now...and when you steal this picture, I totally expect that you will AT LEAST leave me a comment :) We only played three rounds out of the 22 rounds that they were playing because we wanted to get home early since it's a school night. So, we stayed for about an hour. It was the first time that I met Cecelia, so that was nice. The Bingo hall was pretty much packed. Here are the cards I played...

this was a small "T" to win...i was 1 away on the top left side
this card was a large "X" to win...I was 2 away on the bottom left side
This card was a small picture frame (all the numbers that would create a box around the center). I needed 1 more in the top left to win...bummer. This card was worth about a $500 jackpot.
No luck this time. We're going to try again on Saturday, but this time we're going to play all the games and make a night out of it.

Another bonus to going to bingo? They have fountain pop...that's right...fountain pop! There are now four places in all of Bethel that you can get a fountain pop...the snack bar at the AC (grocery store), Brothers Pizza place out by the airport, Subway, and, yep, that's right, the bingo hall. ahhhh...how refreshing. I totally enjoyed my fountain Dr. Pepper while playing bingo tonight.

In other news...
Avery is doing awesome in school. He just switched out of 7th grade math and into pre-algebra today and he's really looking forward to it. He starts wrestling soon and has already gotten the paperwork to start fundraising for Push-up-athon. So, if anyone wants to donate, just let me know. All the money raised goes toward student travel to the wrestling competitions in other villages and towns around Alaska. Any help you can give would be appreciated.

Weather update...
It's been rainy and overcast these last few days. And a bit chilly too. I think rainy season is upon us. We've had highs in the 50's and lows in the 40's for several days now and drizzly rain everyday.

Sunlight update...
The sun rose at 7:45am and set at 9:42pm for 13hours and 57minutes of daylight. Twilight is at 6:59am and dusk is at 10:28pm for a total of 15hours and 28 minutes of visible light. Tomorrow will be 5minutes and 33seconds shorter.

Remember that you can check weather and sunlight info on the right side of the blog. It updates in real time.

Latest read...
havent seen this for awhile. I know. I havent been reading, but I finally got through a book that I started back in Ohio. I got halfway through it before I had to return it to the library before leaving for Alaska. Then when I got here, I had to request it through interlibrary loan and it took a couple weeks to get here. So, anyhow, I finally finished reading "Skeletons at the Feast" by Chris Bohjalian. It was a book about several people intersecting lives during WWII in Nazi Germany. It was based on the actual dairy entries of a Polish person trying to make it west through Germany. It is a wonderful account of the events of the war and gives a very personal feel to it, rather than just a textbook description, but it is a little dull. SoSo read, but if you like Holocaust reading then you would probably love it. Enjoyable enough to finish. Satisfying ending.

What else? Not much right now. Time for bed. Good night.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Here you go Alisha!

I only "borrow", or, share with the blogging community.

Thank you for this blog, as Chandra sure has pooped out!

When our son-in-law was here this summer, Chandra and Mike talked about his Grandmother and the Kaspeq.

This pic really means alot, as Chandra's Grandmothers died when she was young. Dave's mom died when Chandra was three and my mom died when she was twelve. Dave's father is 94 years old and he "eats" up pics of our kids and where they are. My latest request to show Rube, (Chandra's grandpa), was your backyard/tundra!!!

Thank you,