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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Funny Things They Do

Kids do the funniest things sometimes. This is one of my students from last year being silly. Here are some of the funny things they do/say that I've noticed lately (or noticed for awhile but never wrote about.

Students will wait to enter the classroom if I'm not in there. I dont know if this is something that other teachers have trained them to do or what, but it is a bit odd. Not all kids do it, but most do. Mostly it's just the junior high kids.

One of the favorite things for the kids to do is 'go walking'. I hear kids talk all the time about how they are going to go walking after school. Or on my student information sheet that they fill out at the beginning of the year, for the question that askes what their favorite thing to do is, many of them said, "go walking". There isnt much to do here in town, so that really is what alot of kids do for fun, not go for a walk, but go walking.

Another thing they say is 'play out'. They dont say, "I'm going to go play outside." No, they say, "I'm going to play out." or "Do you want to play out?" or on the what's your favorite thing to do question, many of them said, "play out". I think this is more of an English as a second language thing/cultural thing than the kids just saying funny things. Even the native adults say it too.

They call sweatshirts sweaters. They might say that they are wearing a sweater, but really they're talking about a sweatshirt, usually a hoodie. This too is more of an English as a second language/cultural thing, because the older population does it too.

Also, they just say "come". Like a kid might call my name and then when I look up at them, they'll just say "come".

Oh...and then there's Chandra's all time favorite..."thing". They call everything their "thing". A kid had hurt her hand and she said to her friend, "Oww, I hurt my thing!"

In other news...we have been having awesome fall weather, sunny and cool. The tundra barely has any green left in it. It's all reds and oranges.

Green Bay won today. Aaron Rodgers had a great game. and btw, the Jets lost.

I'm going to head over to school for awhile and do some planning for next week. I'll try to remember to get some pics of my classroom and post them so you all can see what it looks like now that it's been remodeled.

Hope you had a good weekend. I did!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I laughed at your humor in the previous blog.

In the southern part of Wisconsin they say soda, in the northern part we say pop. When I was a teenager, 2nd street was the main "hangout", so when I told my Mom that I was going to walk the street, it was no big deal! How does that sound to the general public now?:(

When you take pics of your classroom if Chandra doesn't mind, would you take pics of hers too?

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