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Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day Fish Camp Trip

For the second year in a row(read about last years trip here), we accompanied my principal and her husband out to their fish camp where they were camping. Avery and I just went out for the day to sit by the camp fire, enjoy food off the grill, and sit around with great company. There were several families out this year, which made for some really great camp fire conversation and lots more kids to play in the mud. Here are some of the kids after our trek over to the "other" beach. Here is a fish camp across the river.
Our cool firewood with the hole in the middle.
Avery and Aiden being river mud monsters. I have a great video that i'll post later.
One of the guys in the group even did some kite flying.
Fireweed at fish camp.
The open river on the way home. Actually this isnt even the river, it's one of the many branches. A tributary of some sort, maybe a slough?
Avery being crazy on the way home in the boat.
Approaching Bethel in the boat. Notice how wide open the water is. More like being on a lake. Remember you can click on the pic for a better view.
Some currant berries that we picked at fish camp. They dont taste very good, but I think I might add a bunch of sugar and try my hand at making some jelly/jam. We'll see. As a testament to how important berry picking is in the lives of the people here. The blue buckets were given out by Bob Herron's campaign for State House. He won!
Well, we sure had a great Labor day weekend. It was really busy, but good. Today we spent Labor day at the church for their "Labor on Labor day" volunteer church improvement day. I painted the entryway and Avery helped around with a bunch of odds and ends. Hard work, but rewarding. It's nice to give back! I was going to go over to school, but never did make it, I came home and did some cooking and cleaning instead. I think I'll sleep good tonight, at least I hope so. Third week of school already. How can that be?

How bout you guys? What'd you do for Labor day?

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