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Sunday, September 07, 2008

New bike

After going through three bikes here in Bethel, we decided Avery was due for a new one. We went online and researched BMX bikes. We read reviews, looked at pictures, and compared prices. After a long Saturday night of online bike shopping, we ordered Avery a new bike. We tried to make sure it was one that was built pretty sturdy and something that he could ride at the local skate park. So, Avery was thrilled to get this big box in the mail.His bike is pretty awesome. It's a We The People Nova bike.
So, we unpacked it and put it together.
Then, he took it for a ride.
Too bad it came home with a flat tire...aaarrrrrgggg!


Anonymous said...

We love you alisha. we had a lot of fun with you. next summer bring avery. i have lots of fun and my friends are in my class. my bestest friend in the world is in my class. her name is bella. i do recess everyday!! thats it

i love you

Anonymous said...

Avery is my best friend in the world. i love you avery!!

love nathan

Mr. Kale Iverson said...

he's got street tires on there (thin walled for cement) in bethel with all the rocks in with the sand he should get dirt tires if he wants to avoid that in the future...or just jump it on ramps/pavement.

hope that helps?