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Friday, May 14, 2010

Striking Beauty

Walking through the parking lot at a shopping center can be a majestic experience when there are amazing mountains towering over you. Anchorage is particularly beautiful because everywhere you go, the mountains and in full view all around you.
On the last trip into Anchorage, they were striking. I very distinctly remember leaving several buildings and being struck by the beauty of the mountains as soon as I stepped out of the door. I wish you could see them! The picture makes it look like they are about twice as far away as they really are. In real life, they look as though they are standing guard just behind the buildings.

I wish Bethel had mountains like this. This is the Alaska people envision when they think of the state. Bethel looks nothing like this! But, Bethel is beautiful in its own way.


Susan Stevenson said...

When we travel to Anchorage, we are always struck by the beautiful mountains - particularly on the drive around Turnagain Arm.

The mountains aren't very close to Fairbanks, but at least they're visible on the horizon on a clear day. I know how excited I get when I see the Alaska Range all lit up with sunshine.

I do love living here in the Interior, even though we don't have those grand mountain views. But, as you wrote about Bethel, Fairbanks is beautiful in its own way.

This is what makes AK such a wonderful place to live. The scenery changes, but the beauty is always there.

North Pole

Kassia said...

Those are the views I'm counting on when I come! Woo hoo can't wait!