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Monday, May 17, 2010

Procrastination Post

I'm supposed to be writing my final exam for my Biology class right now. I'm procrastinating. I'm doing everything BUT writing the darn test. I'm doing laundry, I baked some cookies, I read with Avery, I checked out some hotels for summer travelling online, I looked at the breakup map, I'm writing this post. I'm just being a procrastinator right now.

It's 11:30pm and the sun is just dipping below the horizon. It's hard to get any sleep at night now-a-days. I'm a night owl anyway, so the long days just help to keep me up even longer. The sun is actually up for 17 hours 38 minutes and the amount of visible light is 20 hours 2 mintues. Here are the rise and set times..
Actual Time 5:54 AM AKDT 11:32 PM AKDT
Civil Twilight 4:42 AM AKDT 12:45 AM AKDT

The river broke...Monday morning at around 8:41am. The winner took home about $3100. Dang...i was so sure it was going to be me. Oh well...i'll win it next year! I havent been down to see the river yet, but I heard the ice is just barely flowing. I guess the break up party should be tomorrow night.

I've added some additional plans to my summer that I'm supper excited about. My friend Kas is going to meet me in Anchorage and we are going to spend a week traveling around the state and having fun! I'll post more later.

I'm done with the classes that I was taking. I passed them both (of course). Now I just still have the summer science camp to finish planning and I'm done with just about everything that I took on these last few months.

There's only 4 more days of school left. This week is finals week, so the kids are just testing. I still need to grade a bunch of papers, but other than that, I'm pretty well done. I do have a mountain of papers to grade though.

Avery leaves on Friday night to spend the summer in Ohio. I am nervous about how things will go this summer because I know that Avery is right at the age where he will have to make alot of big decisions and may or may not be highly influenced by his peers. I hope that he will make good choices...that's about all I can do...just have faith that things will turn out the way that they are supposed to.

we have been having gorgeous weather these last few days, but I've been so busy that I havent been able to enjoy it. I work every night until around 7pm, then I grade papers in the evenings at home. I cant wait until summer so I can start enjoying my time a bit more. Also, so I can get back on the weight loss wagon. I fell off this winter, but I'm going to get back on soon, I promise. I already have some ideas for eating and working out for this summer that should help me get back on track with my goals.

well, that's enough procrastinating...gotta get some work done!


Christine said...

the breakup party was actually last night... I hope you didn't miss it!

I had to laugh when you write about writing a biology final. Brought back memories of our AP Bio teacher - he was notorious for using photocopied tests year after year - as in photocopied off the answer key with the answers just *barely* penciled out. Wouldn't help a person any on their AP exam at all if you didn't know the material - but a lot of people "did really well" on lots of his exams.

Actually writing a final sounds much better! :)

alisha said...

The advanced placement tests are nationally standardized and administered. AP teachers have to give the test that is provided by CollegeBoard.

I did miss the break up party....what a bummer!

Christine said...

I know - I was referring to the teacher's in-class tests, not the AP exam (thank goodness).

Christine said...

And I'm sorry you missed the breakup party! It was a nice one. We've gone every year, even the ones when it was 40-something degrees and raining (if just for a few minutes) and the awesome ones where it was 65+ and sunny... and everything in between. There's always next year!