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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Cinco de Mayo Breakup?

I dont think so.

Yesterday, Avery and I took a walk down by the river to go vote. Bethel had a special ballot measure to re-vote on the alcohol issue here in Bethel. It looks as though the city as reiterated its decision many months ago to get rid of 'local option' and go WET, but that's a whole other issue for a whole other blog post.

As we walked past the river, we could see that it was still pretty solid. People are still driving snowmachines on it even though there is no snow on the river or when you get off the river and into town. Once they're in town, they are driving on the dirt and mud which is terrible for the snowmachine. Most sensible people have put their machines away for the summer. In fact, Avery and our friend Mike, summer-ized our machine and put it up onto pallets this weekend.From the map above you can see that there are some parts of the Kuskokwim river that are open in the east. The Kuskokwim is the long river that runs from the middle of the state and out toward the southwest. Bethel is the third dot up the river from the coast. You can go to the NOAA website to find out more.

It looks as though the river has at least a week until break up, so 3 out of my 5 breakup dates for the Ice Classic are out. Here's hoping for May 10th or May 15th. Even if your bday didnt bring me any luck....Happy Birthday, Kas! Enjoy the last year of your twenties! Love ya and miss ya!


Kassia said...

AWWW thanks! Wish my lucky day woulda brought you more luck! luv ya hon!

Tamara said...

I am so intrigued by the weather, the river melt, the climate, etc...I love reading about a place so different from Virginia.