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Monday, May 31, 2010

Seagulls, Sunburns, and Dog Sitting

This last week has been beautiful here in Bethel, Alaska. We've have sunny days and temps around 70 each day for a week now. Yesterday (Sunday) was particularly warm. It got up to 74 in the afternoon. My friend and I took a blanket down by a grassy area near the river to get some sun, enjoy the weather, and read a book. We sat out there for a few hours. It was so peaceful and there were seagulls flying around making their distinctive CAW sounds. You could almost convince yourself you were on a beach in California, if you closed your eyes. I threw the ball around for Suka, the little dog that I am dog sitting for this week and he enjoyed the sunny day as well. We finally forced ourselves to go inside and get away from the sun, when we started to notice a bit of pink in our skin. After a few hours later, my friend came back over to get me so that we could go check her smelt trap down in the river. When she walked in she said in astonishment, "OMG, I got a sun burn today and so did you!"

My first ever Alaskan sun burn! I'm so happy to have some color back in my complextion. I love it!


Anonymous said...

YOU LOOK GREAT!!!! the dog is super cute too! I am so glad to hear that yopu are enjoying your time alone!!


alisha said...

If by GREAT, you mean FAT!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey if you are saying your fat then i am huge!!! Remeber i am a 14 and your NOT!!!!hahah I think you look great!!