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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Bonding...music festival style

It's the last night of a long Anchorage trip with the 4 girls who made it to the state Music competition. The trip has been good, mostly. We've done alot of shopping and listened to even more music. We went to the command performance concert tonight where the kids got to see the "best of the best" perform. It was a long, but amazing experience for the kids. It gave them a much better perspective on the level of performance and musicianship that goes into being the best. There were some incredibly talented young people on that stage tonight!

Last night we were going to have a mani/pedi party in our room, but the girls got distracted by taking distorted pictures of themselves on my laptop PhotoBooth. Eventually they got to laughing so hard that I couldnt resist jumping in and taking a few pictures with them. This morning when I got on my laptop, my desktop picture was changed to a distorted picture of them. I enjoy these trips mostly for the opportunity to bond with the kids on a level other than teacher as classroom taskmaster. I've built a few really strong relationships with these kids by helping out with the music program. Can you find me in the picture above?

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