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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Getting closer...

Breakup is getting closer. There is at least one flood warning up river quite a ways, but here in Bethel we are looking pretty safe. We've got about 7 feet between the river level now and flood zone. We are still looking solid here. Still hoping for May 15th...6am!
The river is still solid except for this one big huge open spot across from town. There were these people who had managed to get their boat out into that open water. I'm not sure how they managed that, but there they were. You can even see that the guy is standing on the ice next to the boat...strange!Apparently this snowmachine will be a donation to the river gods. I wonder how many snowmachines there are down there. Every year, I hear about people losing their snowmachines into open water. Sometimes people even lose their lives by driving their snowmachines or 4 wheelers into open water.Here's the Ice Classic tripod still standing strong on the river. Tomorrow is the average breakup day for bethel. We'll see how it goes...
Just hold out until May 15th...Come on...you can do it!

1 comment:

Kassia said...

Hey less than 48 hours now!