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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Wild West

While Avery and I were at the 6 Flags amusement park in Texas, we got these photos done. I've always wanted to get one of these done. I figured what better place than Texas. And since we got into the park for free, I used the extra cash I had to get these pics done.
I am going to try to make a boarder/mat for the bottom pic that says something like...Brother and sister duel. Fun!


Anonymous said...

LUV it !!!!!!


kass said...

I did that with a friend of mine back when I was in 8th grade...still have the pic and it was and still looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

ok my project has begun!! I love them...they turned out wonderful!!

14 and 1/2(the holidays)!!

Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...

Love them! I have always wanted to do it too, but we never have. Maybe now that Andrew is getting older, it would be something he'd like to do.

Crystal said...

You guys look great!! I can't even seem to get regular pictures done let alone those... HA HA I really need to get it in gear and get at least the kids. Well love you guys.Essiney and Falen said "HI"

alisha said...

Thanks for the comments, everybody. WOW! This is the most comments I've gotten for a long time! What better place to get wild west photos done than in Texas? It was fun!

Love you!
MIss you!
Tell the kids I said Howdy :)

gryo said...
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