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Sunday, January 17, 2010

2010 K300 winner!

John Baker won the 2010 K300 tonight at about 6:30 with 10 dogs in his harness (which is a good number, usually mushers have to drop more dogs than that before making it to the finish. He started the race with 14). His total race time was just under 48 hours. Can you imagine 48 hours out on a frozen river in temps anywhere from -30 to -70 with a howling wind coming straight from the north trying to get a bunch of dogs to follow a tiny trail in the middle of a huge, white, barren land?

The finish line was pumped up. There were tons of people screaming and cheering. It was so much fun. The lead dogs stopped right in front of me and I got to help handle one of them to keep it from getting tangled in the lines. I helped remove booties and take the dog to the musher for his photo with his lead dogs. I got to keep one of the lead dog's booties! I wish I could remember the dogs name. Anyone know?


Wishing for my turn.. said...

I'm a new follower of yours...just a quick note to say Hi...

How exciting to help the musher...the lead dog too...nice!!!

alisha said...

Hi wishing...thanks for reading. Feel free to comment any time!