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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Growing up

We finally got Avery's school pictures in the mail the other day. There was a problem with the picture company. They came and took pictures in early September and then the disk that had all the pictures on it was damaged/corrupt. So they had to come out and take all the pictures again in November. They assured us that they would put a rush on the pics so that people could have them before Christmas. Most of the pictures came, but there were many kids who didnt get theirs, including Avery. I called the company and they had absolutely no record of Avery whatsoever, even though they had cashed my check way back in October. I explained this to the customer service rep that I was talking to and she was completely understanding and easy to work with. She sent me their biggest package of pictures including magnets and a disk, even though I had originally ordered only one of the small packages. She even threw in retouching and his name and date on the picture. All in all, it worked out well for us. Although, the only reason I got his pics is because I called the company to track them down. I know there will be many parents who paid for pictures and never got them, but wont call or remember to track them down. The school is working on figuring out how they want to go about getting this cleared up with the company and parents.

He's soooooooooo grown up these days and very handsome. The basketball kids always dress up on the Friday's when Varsity has a home game. Avery dressed up in and even wore his tie and dress shoes. He was so handsome, one teacher said he looked like he had just stepped out of a catalog. When he came home, he said that he got alot of compliments and, more importantly, attention from the ladies :)

He's been doing very well in all aspects of his life. He really is starting to grow up and act more maturely everyday. He's doing well in school, although already looking forward to a greater challenge in High School. He has been very busy with basketball. He has practice Mon-Thursday and then games on the weekend. And he always stays to watch the other games, so he pretty much spends Friday and all day Saturday at the school for basketball. He is taking responsiblity for his schooling, home chores, and activities. He is learning how to balance everything and fit in some fun too.

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Anonymous said...

wow he is handsome!! its amazing how fast they grow up. I remember when we lived in bowling green and Avery would come over and visit you for the weekend. He was just this small little boy and now hes looking for some ladies!!