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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I got 10 pounds for Christmas

Before I left Texas, I was telling my cousin that I thought I probably gained 10 pounds while I was there and unfortunately I was spot on. When I stepped on the Wii the day after we got back, I had gained 10.1 pounds. Blah. I knew it would happen. I basically ate whenever and whatever I wanted the whole time we were there. Fast food, sweets, late night snacks...everything. Add that in with the 5 that I had gained back over Thanksgiving and that means that I've gained back 15 of the 30 pounds that I had lost.

Well, I've shed 3 of those pounds in just the last few days and I am on a mission to get rid of the rest of it and then some. I'm back to cooking all of my own meals and trying to fit in lots of fresh fruit and veggies. I'm drinking upwards of 10 glasses of water everyday. I'm back to doing Meatless Monday (or, if not Monday, at least one meatless day per week). I've been working out 1-1.5 hours on most days. I'm keeping busy to help keep me from snacking.

My weakness is sweets...it always has been. I love cake, ice cream, brownies, chocolate...basically anything with sugar. My other downfall is that I dont have any accountablity. It's easy for me to slack off because no one is watching. I need someone checking on me, asking me how I'm doing, and giving me encouragement to keep it up. Avery does do some of that. He offered to do the dishes tonight so that I could work out and then told me that I was doing a good job :) But I could use a bit more accountability. So, next time you talk to me...ask me how its going and tell me to get on the ball and get rid of the extra pounds already. I'm sick of being fat!

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Crystal said...

Hey, How are you doing? Are you on the ball? Get your a-- on the wii fit!! Ha Ha That sucks that it is soo cold. Your used to it. Maybe not that cold, but cold. well get working out and talk to ya soon. P.S. Bryant wanted me to tell you that he is 20 on his wii fit!!