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Thursday, January 14, 2010

K300 benefit concert

Wednesday night was the benefit concert for the K300, which is running tonight. For those of you who dont remember or werent reading the blog when I wrote this post, the K300 is a mid-distance dog sled race that is a qualifier for the Iditarod. It is considered Alaska's premier mid-distance race and we get alot of big names in the mushing world out here in Bethel to run this race. The K300 is a 300 mile race that starts in Bethel and goes to Aniak and then comes back to Bethel for the finish. We also have the Bogus Creek 150 and the Akiak dash races happening this weekend as well.There's alot going on with the race this weekend and I'm happy to be here. Last year I missed the race because I was in Anchorage with my robotics team. I will be helping a local team with their dog handling at the start line for the K300 tonight. I will also be the checker at the finish line for the winners of the Akiak dash. AND I will be working at headquarters from 10pm-2am on Saturday night. It should be fun! Although it is really cold outside and I will have to put on about 50 pounds of clothes and gear in order to stay warm out on the river tonight. Right now it is -7ambient and -33 with windchill. Brrrrrr!

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