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Saturday, January 16, 2010

My layers

It just continues to get colder and colder outside. Right now it is -14 with wind at 28mph. That's well within the dark blue get-frostbite-in-less-than-10-minutes range according to the windchill chart. This is definitely a cold weekend to be standing out on the frozen river watching dog sled races....but that's what I'm doing just the same. So, how do I dress to go brave the harsh elements? I'll show you...

The first layer consists of thermal underwear (shirt and pants) and wool socks.
The next layer is another pair of really super duper thick socks, fleece pj pants, a long sleeved K300 shirt, and a face mask.
See my face mask...it's one of those with the holes that direct the breath out and down so as to fog up your googles or helmet or whatever as little as possible. I love it!
Next layer is jeans and a hoodie.
Then a scarf (GB Packers, of course), some wool mittens, an extra pair of thick protective mittens in my pocket just in case, my snowpants, and my -40 rated boots.
Then comes the big thick coat with the insulated hood and another pair of gloves.
Yes, this will pretty much be my outfit for most of the weekend while I'm out watching and helping with the races. And you know what? I stood outside for about 1.5 hours tonight watching the K300 and then the fireworks afterward and was not one bit cold. My camera would not take a pictures and my cell phone battery died because it was so cold, but I was fine. Next time I'll put those things in an inside pocket to keep them warm so that I can get some pics (I was able to snap a few tonight before my camera froze up and I'll post those soon).

Hope it's warmer wherever you are! Have a great weekend!


Crystal said...

WOW!! You are "CRAZY"... That's alot of clothes. Well our weather is great compared to that around 60-65 out in Vegas. Gotta go to work talk to ya soon. Where's that Chap. web site?

Tamara said...

Oh my gosh--not me, no how, no way. I wouldn't even be able to move in all those layers. Brrr! Have fun, though!

Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow

KASS said...

Hope you didn't have to use the bathroom that whole time, LOL. And I got your card :)

Miss you!

alisha said...

crystal...the chap site is just www.chaparral98.com

Tam...it can be hard to move sometimes, but if you get the right gear then it is ok. Sure is better than being cold and better than being stuck inside all the time.

Kas...glad you got the card. peeing is definitely something you do before you put on all those clothes. Regardless of how you are dressed, there's no bathroom down on the frozen river, so you are out of luck either way! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL - okay so i know i dont blog but i have to comment on the layers girl! thats too funny! of course you know im in Vegas nice and warm :-)