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Saturday, January 09, 2010

He scores!

Avery joined JH basketball this year and so far he's has really been enjoying himself. While we were on break down in Texas, we got him new basketball shoes and shorts. His first game was last night. There are enough kids in JH basketball to have two teams. Avery is on the blue team. He scored this three pointer and another two pointer in the first half. The blue team won! Go Avery!

The whole game was like one big bloopers show though. It was pretty funny. There were kids falling down, throwing shots that missed by a mile, fighting over the ball, getting hit in the head. All in all, it was pretty hilarious, but I'm proud of Avery, he seems to be doing well and seems to like it. Watching him play made me think back to when he was in basketball when he was about kindergarten age. He could stand that there was a kid defending him and Avery would just run away from the kid at full speed. He ended up spending the whole game just doing laps around the court to get away from his defender. I dont think he ever touched the ball. Ah...the memories...makes me laugh :)


Anonymous said...

thats awsome!! Go Avery!! Kevin said next itme he comes over he wants to play basketball with him. I have my money on Avery!! Have a great Sunday!!


Crystal said...

Great work Avery! Practice makes perfection... Hey, were you going to get the kids those school books? Or give me the site again. I can't find any good ones and Essi is almost in 1st grade! ha ha Have a good Monday at school...

Crystal said...

Hey, I just watched the video and #54 looks like a Bryant out there playing. He keeps bugging to play basketball but we all know he's football bound!! Love ya