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Sunday, January 17, 2010

2010 K300 start

This video shows the start of two of the K300 mushers. I love how anxious the dogs are to leave...the way that they howl and whine to get going. They love mushing.

I barely made it down to the river to see the start of the race on Friday night, but I did stay for the fireworks afterward. The K300 is in full swing...I just got home from my 10pm-3am shift at the K300 race headquarters. Most of the racers on are there way back toward bethel. We have only 1 musher that had to scratch (take himself out of the race) because his eyes were frozen shut due to frostbite caused by the wind. The musher that scratched int eh one that has won the K300 for the past two years (the two racers I've been here for). So this year we will have a new winner. Right now Martin Buser is in the lead with Lance Mackey right behind him. It has been a fun and exciting race weekend, even with the temperatures so cold.

You can follow all of the exciting dog sled racing at the K300 website, click here.

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