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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Sure is nice

My cousin has graciously allowed me to stay at her house this summer. She lives in a nice, newer neighborhood on the east side of Vegas. I'm really enjoying staying with them. It's great to see them and spend time with them again. Every morning when I wake up, I've spent about an hour or so in the pool. It really has been a treat! I've been doing a series of exercises in the pool everyday in addition to playing on their Wii fit whenever I get the chance. Hopefully I'll be able to lose some of the weight I've gained these last few years living in the Arctic.
The view of sunrise mountain dominates the view from their house. And in the other direction lies the city off in the distance. You can see the mountains there on the other side of town as well. It has been very striking to me to see the mountains towering over Vegas. They are such a dominant part of the landscape of the city and can be seen in any direction that you look. I really didnt notice them growing up here. I'm not sure why they stand out to me so much now...any ideas?In other news...
It's hot, but not terribly so. I really was worried that I might melt from the heat after spending two years in Alaska, but so far so good. I think because it is a dry heat that it has helped. The evenings are wonderful. Once the sun goes down, it cools off so much. Still to this day, I think that's why I'm a night owl...because it's so much nicer to be outside once the sun goes down.

I went to my friends daughters award ceremony at her school today. It's really nice to get to be a part of some of these things that I normally miss being gone. All of the kids are growing up sooooooooo fast! It's great to get to spend some time with them. I've pretty much had a chance to see most of my friends (that I've stayed in touch with) since I've been here. Only one more to track down.

The job hunt isnt going very well. There just arent very many jobs out there. I'm either underqualified or overqualified. I dont really want to teach, but it seems that's what I've got experience in these days. I was hoping to just get a job waiting tables or something, but it seems everybody else wants those jobs too!

Well, I'm off to bed for tonight. Hope your summer is going good.

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