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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Triple digit day

Today was the first day that it was over 100 degrees. So, what do you do on the first 100 degree day of the summer? Go to the beach with your cousins, of course. Beach? you ask. In Vegas? you say. Yes! Mandalay Bay Resort/Hotel/Casino (whatever they call themselves) has actual beach sand that they've imported from California. The beach sits in front of a pretty huge wave pool.
We swam and tanned and swam and tried not to tan (in their cases). There was also a lazy river and a couple other smaller pools besides the main wave pool. It was packed! There were people everywhere! We had a couple of frozen beverages to compliment our hot poolside day.The clouds in the sky were absolutely beautiful, especially when they silhouetted all of the tall palm trees all around. The pool at Mandalay Bay is rated as one of the best pools in Vegas, so I was pretty happy to be able to go check it out.
The landscaping was beautiful and the hotel all around was pretty too. It is one of the newer hotels on the strip and it is very nicely done.
All in all, it was a really great day. And I didnt even think it felt too terribly hot. But, then again, when I wasnt by the pool, I was in the house.


Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful facility and grounds. How did you get in to swim?


alisha said...

We had a room key!