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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Beautiful scenery, new friends, and summer solstice

These bushes are in bloom all over the Las Vegas Valley, but they are particularly striking in the backyard here at my cousins house. Where I got out to swim each day. I have really been enjoying my daily swim. I do exercises in the pool everyday and laps and the whole sheebang. I love loungin' out there. The view is wonderful and they live on the edge of town where there's no noise from all of the traffic. It really is quite nice.My new friends, Quan and Lilly, usually come out with me when I swim. If you splash too hard, Quan gets excited and acts like she's going to jump in and rescue you. Then she paces around the pool. The summer solstice is upon us. According to the weather man, it was 25 minutes ago. Tomorrow is the longest day of the year. Live it up! So, I got to wondering what the really means depending on where you live. Here's a rundown of my three hometowns...Las Vegas...the sun sets so early here!
Actual Time 5:23 AM PDT 7:59 PM PDT
Civil Twilight 4:52 AM PDT 8:30 PM PDT
Nautical Twilight 4:15 AM PDT 9:07 PM PDT
Astronomical Twilight 3:33 AM PDT 9:49 PM PDT
Moon 2:59 AM PDT (6/20) 6:10 PM PDT (6/20)
Length Of Visible Light: 15h 37m
Length of Day
14h 36m

For Van Wert...
Actual Time 6:06 AM EDT 9:13 PM EDT
Civil Twilight 5:33 AM EDT 9:47 PM EDT
Nautical Twilight 4:50 AM EDT 10:29 PM EDT
Astronomical Twilight 3:59 AM EDT 11:20 PM EDT
Moon 4:30 AM EDT 8:30 PM EDT
Length Of Visible Light: 16h 13m
Length of Day
15h 06m

And for Bethel, Alaska...
Actual Time 5:11 AM AKDT 12:23 AM AKDT
Civil Twilight

Nautical Twilight

Astronomical Twilight

Moon 2:54 AM AKDT (6/20) 11:08 PM AKDT (6/20)
Length Of Visible Light: 24h 00m
Length of Day
19h 12m

Interesting, eh?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

They look like crepe myrtle trees/bushes. We have them too in many colors. So cheerful and they love the heat.