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Monday, June 15, 2009

Circus Circus Adventuredome

Circus Circus built the Adventuredome in 1993. It was one of the first attempts by a hotel in Vegas to cater more to kids. It was the beginnings of Vegas moving more towards attracting families and not just gamblers. I remember how COOL it was when they first built it. I was 13....it was awesome! It was were we used to go and hang out all day. It was the place to be when we were in Junior High.
I went to the Circus Circus Adventuredome with the kids last week. It is exactly how I remember it, and yet, NOT. It seems so small now. So not cool. So kiddie. And it is. But it still must be the place to hang if you're in JH because there were lots of JH age kids there hanging with their friends. On their website, they say that it is the biggest indoor amusement park in America. It sure seemed HUGE when I was a kid. Now it seems kinda small. But I guess it is pretty cool considering that there is a roller coaster INDOORS. Which is really the only way you could do it in Vegas. It is too hot here to have an outdoor amusement park.
Here are some of the kids in the family waiting in line for a ride. They thought it was pretty cool, so that just proves that the coolness of a place sometimes depending on your age.My cousins, Lea and Ali, hangin out. These are the two cousins that I grew up with and am close to. I cant believe they're so grown up!And my cousin, Christy, and I hangin out the Dome.
After we were done in the Adventuredome, we went over to the actual Circus Circus Midway to see some of the circus acts and play some midway games. Here you can see the casino below and the carnival games above.
The kids got a real kick out of the acrobats. This guy is going to attempt to limbo this crazy low bar. Think he can do it?
Heck, yes!

It was a fun, good day, but different going back to the adventuredome as an adult.

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