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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Random things...from Vegas

My cousins live right near the base of Sunrise mountain. I love looking out to side the mountain just a few blocks away. And no matter wear in the city I am, I can see it standing proudly over the east side of Vegas, where I grew up.I went out to the park with my best friend and her kids to watch her oldest during football practice. It's so nice to be in a city where there's always something to do and lots of opportunities for kids/families to be involved in something. It was fun to play at the park with the kids.It was so nice to see trees taller than me. And kids climbing in them having fun.And grass...Oh, how I miss grass when I'm in Bethel. We laid a blanket out on it and relaxed and watching football practice, while the kids ran all around us. It was great. So simple, so normal, so basic a thing to do...something we take for granted....having these moments with our friends to enjoy life and just kick back in the grass. I love it!I also got the opportunity to attend there second oldests awards ceremony for her school, where she received and award for the most improved in reading.
Me and my best friend, Crystal. She is like a sister to me and we're closer than most of my family. I miss her and her family the most when I'm away for too long. I'm staying with them this week, because my cousins have a full house because there's a bunch of family in from out of town for graduation.Crystal's oldest and her husband at football practice. Her husband helps coach the team. I cant believe her oldest is so grown up already. It's unbelievable how fast time flies.
These are my friend Tammie's kids, who I hung out with last week and spent the day out at the pool with them. They are so cute! This was the first time I had gotten to see the youngest. Last time I was in town (summer of 07), my friend was just pregnant with him.
Me and my friend, Niomi, also got a chance to hang out. We've known each other for almost 20 years, since we were in 4th grade! She's the one I went out dancing with.
This is my May book for number 2 on my birthday list. It was pretty good. Fun and entertaining to read, but also a deep, soul searching tale of an orphan boy who must make some serious decisions about how to live his life once he's left the orphanage. I enjoyed the book although I didnt really think it was great. I'd just give it a good rating. I have heard that John Irving's other books are better, so I'm going to try one of his other books and see if he can impress me a bit more.

I love summer...I can read and do whatever I want with no guilt. I can sleep in, I can lay in the sun, I can stay up late watching movies or stay up late playing Wii with kids...I love it. It really does help to make all of the long, arduous hours that I put in during the school year worth it.

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