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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Air traffic

When I was a kid we mostly lived on the East side of Vegas. The busiest of McCarran Airports incoming runways runs east and you can watch the planes line up in the sky waiting to land. When we were kids, my friends and I used to sit outside of our apartments and watch the line of planes come in. Sometimes if the night was dark and the sky was clear, you could count up to 8 planes in a line. It always amazed me how precisely they lined up one right after another. I mean, it's the sky, it's not like there's an actual lane up there for them to fly in. But they line up perfectly behind each other.The other day I was driving down Sunset right next to the airport and again saw all the planes lined up. I could only see four since it was during the day, but it brought back a flood of memories. Can you count 4 planes in the top and bottom pictures? They're there...look closely!

It has consistently amazed me this summer that I still know how to get around Vegas so well. I remember so many old neighborhoods and memories come flooding back as I'm driving around town. Vegas is really actually pretty easy to get around though. It's just a big grid.

My luck has run out as far as temps go though....it is forecasted to be 101 by friday and up to 110 by next week. I might just start to melt now. Luckily there's a pool in the backyard to help kick the heat.

I've been here 3 weeks today. I havent had a pair of socks on since I left Bethel. I love it! Tank tops, shorts, and sandals...who needs anything else!?! Oh yes...slurpees. Oh thank heaven, for 7-11.

No luck on the job front and I've pretty much stopped looking. Looks like I'm not going to be accomplishing Number 9 on the birthday list. Oh well. Cant win 'em all! I'm only going to be here for about another 5 weeks anyway. Time is flying already.I did, however, finish reading my June book for Number 2 on the Birthday list. It was about a man's quest to climb Mt. Everest. It is supposed to be based on a true story. It was good. Not Archer's usual style, but good. I enjoyed it better than his last book so that's good.

Well, I hope you all are enjoying your summer!


KuskoMama said...

oh, a climbing book! I'm interested. Do you know whose story it was supposedly based on? I'm an armchair climber... :)

alisha said...

Not sure, but I think you'd enjoy it...it was definitely fiction, though.