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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The price you pay for a night out dancing

I went out dancing last night with some friends at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone club at Planet Hollywood on the Strip. The club was indoor/outdoor and we spent most of our time outside on the deck. It was a perfect night. Not too hot with a little breeze blowin' to cool things down. It was perfect. They were serving free vodka drinks and I had my fair share of vodka and cranberries. We danced the night away. Literally. We rode home as the sun was coming up in the morning. I cant remember the last time I did that! We did have a designated driver, so there was no drinking and driving. I was so tired when we got back to my friends house, that I crashed out as soon as I laid down.

Today I slept until about 2 in the afternoon and even after that, I was still feeling a bit rough. We went swimming in the afternoon today and that made me feel much better. I wore a pair of my cousins shoes last night because I dont have any clubbin heels to wear out (dont need any in Alaska). When I woke up this morning, my second toe on my left foot was completely numb (still is) and 3 of the toes on my right foot have massive blisters. See the huge blister on the side of my big toe? OUCH!
My whole body is sore today too. That happens after a night of serious dancing. It was so much fun! Totally worth the blisters and numb toe!

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KuskoMama said...

oh - that looks SO painful!