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Monday, October 08, 2007


Here is a transcript of the letter I got from Avery's wrestling coach today...

Kilbuck Wrestling is having its annual Push-Up-A-Thon. This is done to raise money so we can travel to the villages to compete in tournaments. We also raise money to send qualifying sixth graders to the State Middle School (Tanana) tournament in the spring. All proceeds go directly to Kilbuck Wrestling, which consists of grades 4-6, boys and girls. The Push-Up-A-Thon is simple. You pledge a wrestler for as many push ups as they can do in 1 minute. They will come to practice on Friday, October 12 and do as many push-ups as they can in 1 minute. However many push-ups they do in 1 minute will be multiplied by the pledge amount you promised. If you wish to make a straight donation, you may do so. Please make checks to Kilbuck Wrestling. Example: $1.00 per push-up or $25.00 flat donation. It cost approximately $100.00 per wrestler to travel to the villages and $600 per wrestler to travel to the Tanana tournament, so any donations would be greatly appreciated. Travel is based on several items:
  • Eligibility (academics and behavior)
  • Fund-raising (wrestlers who bring in donations get picked first)
  • Practice attendance
  • Overall attitude and effort
So, who wants to donate? Let me know...we're really hoping that Avery will get to travel for wrestling and see some of the villages in the region. Avery is already doing very well in wrestling. Even my Junior High and High school kids are talking about him. Everybody wants to know what weight class he's in and if he ever won state. He wieghed 97lbs when I took him in for his sports physical two weeks ago. That's 12 pounds heavier than he was last year at his last tournament of the season in March. 12 pounds in 7 months...he's growing so fast. I think he'll probably drop a few pounds just by going to practice...they practice everyday after school from 3:30 to 5:00. That's 7 and a half hours per week! Their first tournament is on October 26th in Nunapitchuk. Everyone says Bethel has a really strong wrestling program, one of the best in the state.

Here's a pic from last years wrestling season...

Feeling better...
I am feeling much better today, although my throat still hurts a bit and I still feel run down. I finally have my voice back, at least most of it. It is still a little hoarse. I spent all of Friday feeling like crap. I did end up staying home Friday and sleeping most of the day. Saturday my throat/voice was a bit better, but my body started feeling sore. I thought sure I was on my way to the flu. On Sunday morning, I woke up feeling about 90% back to normal...thank goodness. Today I am about 95% back to normal. Thanks for all of your well wishes.


Anonymous said...

Hey Alisha, I'm glad you're doing better. Hope to see you again soon. ~Ryan~

Anonymous said...

I would love to sponsor Avery, when is the money due? ~Ryan~

alisha said...

i dont really know when the money is due, but sometime next week is my guess. I would imagine that they continually take donations all season considering it cost so much for these kids to travel.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better.

You must be very pproud of Avery! Go....Avery!!!!

I'd love to send you a donation for wrestling. Let me know where I can send it.

Only a few more weeks here and then travel. I am not afraid or worried about that but oh so tired already. It pays to be young when moving!!!!!

Keep taking those vitamins!!!!!!

alisha said...

Edna~ I sent you an IM message through yahoo with our address and the info for donating to Avery's wrestling program. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Look for an envelope addressed to Alisha and Avery...on it's way to you guys, return address sunny Florida....lol.

I'll be leaving here next Wednesday.....so much left to finish here.....

Enjoy the snow!

alisha said...

thanks Edna...we will keep ours eyes on the mail. wow! time to leave already. That was fast. Have a safe journey! keep your blog updated so everyone can keep track of how you're doing.