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Monday, October 29, 2007

1st place

Avery took his first 1st place medal at the tournament in Kwethluk this weekend. He has earned many 2nds and 3rds along the way, but never a 1st. We always knew he'd get over that hump eventually, but we didn't think it would happen in his first season in Alaska. These kids are tough wrestlers. He was excited about it, but I was bummed that I couldn't be there to see it. He called using his friends calling card on Friday night and when I got home from the carnival, he had left a message. He said that Friday night, he lost his first match and won his second. Then when he called from the airport on Saturday for me to pick him up, he said, "Do you want to know how I did?" I said, " Yeah, how'd you do?" He said, "Oh, nothing much, just first!"


Anonymous said...


Congratulations on your first, First!

Wrestling as you know it is more than just a physical "game", a LOT of mindset goes into a match. Apparently you connected the two. Keep up the good work!

Former wrestling mom,

alisha said...

Thanks Kathy,

Your words of encouragement are always appreciated. Avery is a very instinctive wrestler and we're hoping he'll be able to combine that with some good technical skills up here. the wrestling program is just so much stronger here than back in ohio. I agree...wrestling is very much a character building sport and I'm happy to see AVery do so well in it.

Anonymous said...


Congratulations on a nice wrestling tournament!!

Julie (Chandra's aunt)

Brian & Janelle said...

Congratulations Avery!!!