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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Adventure for Avery

Avery will be going to Kwethluk this weekend for wrestling. Kwethluk is a village about 30miles up river from us. He flies out Friday at 1pm and flies back Saturday at 3pm. He's pretty pumped. How exciting!


Anonymous said...

Go Avery! You must be so proud of him....

Anonymous said...

Hi Avery,
Great to hear you're doing so well in wrestling. Sorry I haven't replied as often as I should. But that doesn't mean I'm not checking on your blog to see how you and your sister are doing. I really enjoy the pictures. Do hope to see you sometime this summer if you make it back here. I'm going to meet my next little brother this week. He is only 6!!! Keep up the good work in wrestling and school. I will try to reply more often. Try to stay WARM,
P.S Alisha, NO NO NO NO, I did not get married. But Connie and I did get a good laugh on that one. Haha

alisha said...


Great to hear from you! Avery enjoys reading your comments. Thanks for keeping in touch. He is doing well in wrestling. Have fun with your new little! I'm glad you and Connie got a laugh...I actually didnt figure you had gotten married(a little soon for that), but I couldnt resist and I was hoping you'd get a giggle out of it. Take care