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Saturday, October 13, 2007

2 inches...at least

Brian and Janelle~ I got your invitation to the wedding today. I'm so excited for you, but bummed at the same time because I can't be there. The invitation is beautiful...I love the ribbon! I'll be thinking about you and hoping that everything runs as smoothy as possible from now until the big day. Miss you!

We got our first REAL snow today. We woke up this morning to about 2 inches on the ground and it has continued to come down all day. Winter came so fast and is in full force now. It seems like just last week that it was warm and rainy. It's been below freezing for about a week now! It just seems too early, but everyone said it would be here soon. Who scrapes their windows in October? Me, I guess! The snow seems more slippery than usual, but maybe I'm just imagining things. I almost slipped three times just walking from the truck into the post office.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alisha & Avery,
Nice to hear what you guys have been up to. Still trying to figure out this whole blog thing. Tell Avery good luck with wrestling this year. How is your Grandma been doing since you have been gone? Burrrrrrrrr!!!! Glad it's you and not us. Best of wishes,
Connie & Larry Honigford

Anonymous said...

The snow looks beautiful. I can't wait until we get some here. Ok, maybe I can wait another month or two. It's hard to believe how things are so different there. I can do without the freezing cold that you'll have but the snow looks great. I want to see that snowman you're going to build. ha ha


alisha said...

So awesome to hear from you guys!

Lisa, No, no snowmen yet, but Avery had a friend over last night and they went out and played football in the snow for a couple of hours. Lisa, I miss you so much! I hope things are good for you at home. Call me soon and lets talk!

Larry, It's great to hear from you. I was wondering if you had fallen off the face of the earth. Avery enjoyed reading your message. BIG QUESTION...did you and connie get married? The way you signed your names...? The coaches are already talking about how Avery is doing and he did raise quite a bit of money for the push up a thon. He should be able to travel as long as he doesnt get in any trouble at school. I really dont know how my grandma is...she tells me she's fine, but i get the feeling she's just telling me that. Avery says "HI, I'm having a good time in Alaska." We'll hope to hear from you again...keep in touch!