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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Anchorage Mountains

Last weekend in Anchorage was like stepping back into the country after being gone in some far off third world place. The had paved roads, street lights, booming shops and restaurants, trees, and ...mountains. It was so nice to get a glimpse of something other than flat tundra. On Friday after we got off the plane, we caught the hotel shuttle to the hotel(days inn), then headed straight to the mexican restaurant next door for two HUGE margaritas. After thuroughly stuffing ourselves and having the drinks...we had a nice little glow. My friend from Anchorage met us at the restaurant and took us to a sports bar called the SeaGalley. We stayed there and had drinks for awhile before heading back to the airport to pick up luggage(they had put it on an Alaska Air flight because our plane was too heavy). After that, we headed out to the club, Chilkoot Charlies...AKA Koots. It was a pretty cool place. The concept of the club is just like Pierre's...5clubs in one. Except Koots is about 5times smaller than Pierres. We had a good time people watching, dancing the night away, and stumbling into random conversations with people that we met. This one guy was too funny...one time he got himself so worked up...his gum came flying right out of his mouth. Which reminds me...people are gumaholics here. I've never seen so many people who chew gum constantly. Well, anyway, on Saturday, I spent the day running errands mostly. Although, I did get to see the Harry Potter movie, which was awesome. Saturday night my friend from Anchorage took me to this great restaurant called the Cattle Company. Then we went out to that club again. We saw a live band perform and they were quite good. They did a rock version of Rianna's song "Umbrella", which worked out surprisingly well. The pic above is the view of the mountain from our hotel window. The snow line was about halfway down the mountians, there should be snow by the time we go back.

It was just so nice to get away for the weekend and let loose a little. Anchorage is a nice little city, doesnt seem like a HUGE city. I'm looking forward to seeing more of it.

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Anonymous said...


A beautiful picture of the mountains and trees that you and Chandra described. Thank you for sharing a place/life I may never see!

Kathy, Chandra's mom