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Saturday, October 20, 2007

First Tourny of the Season

Avery's first wrestling tournament was this weekend at home in Bethel. The gym had two full size wrestling mats laid down and the whole school was full of kids. We had teams in from all over western Alaska. The teams that come from out of town stay at the high school and sleep on the classroom floors. The principal told us at the beginning of the year that BRHS is the biggest bed and breakfast in Bethel. The tournament ran ALL night Friday night and most of the day today. Last night they started wrestling at about 6pm and ran until about 10:45 at night. Avery wrestled his last round last night at about 10:30pm. We got home at about 11:15pm last night. I ran the concession stand with the 8th grade robotics team, so I was exhausted when I got home. I was at school yesterday from 8am until 11pm. Long day! Avery lost his first match last night and won his second.

This morning we were up at 6:45am and at school by 7:30am. I ran the concession stand all day again with the robotics team and Avery wrestled two more rounds. He won the first one with a pin and lost the second one to the same kid he lost to on Friday night. The kid was really tough and Avery almost had him the second time. He was from Kotzebue which is WAY up north. The tournament was over today at about 1pm. Avery didn't place, but lost to the kid that placed third in his weight class...that means he got 4th. I think he did awesome for his first tournament in Alaska. These kids are tough and wrestling is their thing.

In the video...This is Avery's third round and he pinned the kid. He is wrestling one of his teammates, another Kilbuck wrestler. The ref is Avery's teacher.

One more interesting thing...I was amazed by how busy the concession stand was. We earned a TON of money! I mentioned to another teacher how surprised I was that the concession stand was so busy during a wrestling tournament because back home hardly anyone ate at the concession stand during wrestling tournaments. He made a good point...back home we could go out to eat before or after or in between rounds, but here, there is no other place to go eat. Eating at the concession stand IS like eating out for the people here!


Anonymous said...

Alisha, thanks for the post! Lee was big into wrestling and made it to state in his Junior year. Cutting too much weight in his Senior year, I believe cost him a return visit.

Congrats Avery! You have a lean, but muscular looking frame. Keep a mind-set and you will do well.

I will be sharing this blog with Lee's coaches, as I found it very interesting!



Anonymous said...

Alisha, congrads on your fund raising event and a bigger congrads to Avery. Fourth is a respectable place to be. I'm sure he will climb to the top, he seems to really enjoy his sport. Thanks for the video bit. Talk to you soon.


alisha said...

Thanks Kathy...

I told Avery what you had to say. Everyone comments on how Avery has really good instinct on the mat. We're hoping he can combine that with some technique and become a really outstanding wrestler. The wrestling program here is so much better than back home.